Embracing Change

Change happens when we get frustrated. 

When we get to the point where we want to find something different. 

So we seek & find solutions, we learn & we evolve, we flourish

Who am I? - Who are any of us?

We are one person with our children, friends & family, another with our work colleagues, often another when we are stressed and yet another when we are not. Too often in life we can spend our time and energy trying to live up to other people's  expectations, masking who we really are & hiding our true self.

I accept I am complex with a whole host of 'baggage' that can both make life amazing at times and diabolical at others, it can have me hiding with fear of ridicule one moment or sharing with confidence the next.

  • I'm dyslexic - which is a real gift. It often gives me the ability to see and connect what others may miss, the fine detail, the minutia ...
  • I have CPTSD from some life experiences that helped shape who I am today
  • and I am also on a waiting list (a long one) for possible late diagnosis of Autism & ADHD

Please note that none of the above are moans or whinges or me wanting sympathy - just me being open & honest because for most of my life I have felt the need to hide and mask who I am and to be quite honest it was exhausting!

I also love being creative and am passionate about positive change, finding solutions & keeping things simple. Whether that is on a personal, proffessional or business development level.

Each of us are unique and our life experiences have shaped us. We are not defined by who other people think we are or who they think we should be. Each of us has the ability to create and embrace change in our lives - if we want to.

Change is not a one size fits all. Change is about having courage to ask questions, listen to not only what is said - but what isn't. Change is about discovering what works for you (or your business).

"The past is a gift. It has given us experience and knowledge.

We know what we like and what we don't, what works and what doesn't.

Now we have choice - we can sit back and do nothing

or we can choose to take action and make changes for the better.

I know what I am doing - How about you?"

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